.... or "In english, pleeeease!"

6th April 2019 and the DC Heier Ducks are at home in the Alter Bahnhof and entertained the School of Dart from Unkel, this was the first ever meeting of these two teams and it was something we were looking forward too.  

The DC Heier Ducks were represented by Biaggio, Stefan, Hendrik, Michael, Kai and John, missing unfortunately from this game was Jürgen and Marcel.

As the Ducks arrived for the game and started to warm-up with some training games, everyone was in a good mood and throwing some good scores and finishes with Hendrik finishing a 120.  Yris (Alter Bahnhof) provided some food for the team and Biaggio was happy.

Biaggio enjoying the food while watching Juventus luckily winning against AC Milan


Biaggio & Stefan warming up Hendrik showing off his new Dart dance

School of Dart arrived early and did some warm up throw and the game began at 19.45.

Game 1 began and Gürkan from SoD (School of Dart) throw a 11 Darter and it was 0:1, in the next game was a game of high-quality scoring and finishing and luckily for the Heier Ducks Hendrik made it 1:1.

The next few games were highly competitive and after 7 games it was 2:5 to SoD, game 8 led to Biaggio throwing an 11 Darter and winning to make it 3:5 coming to the double games.
The first Double was a good win for Hendrik and Stefan, in the 2nd Double was played by Michael and Kai which Kai provided the winning darts in both legs to make the score 5:5 after the doubles.
On a rather sad note during the second double game an elderly gentleman was taken ill, an ambulance was called and the gentleman was taken to hospital and everyone from the DC Heier Ducks hope he has a speedy recovery.

Returning back to the single games up next was Biaggio vs Gürkan, Biaggio was on fire hitting a 180!! Which led to him winning the game and for the first and only time the Heier Ducks had taken the lead in this game 7:6.

The next few games were highly competitive with high scoring and quality finishing, during the Stefan vs Andre encounter, Andre hit a very good 9 Darter.  It was at this point the Heier Ducks noticed that the School of Dart were the masters of finishing on Double 5!

The game was very tight and after 17 games it was 8:9 to the School of Dart, so the last game was upon us and Biaggio was playing to tie the game, under some pressure he delivered and the score was tied at 9:9.

It was the “Sudden Death Game” this game was to determine the winner of this game, Leg 1 went to the Heier Ducks with Michael winning it on a Triple 20. Leg2 was a tense encounter but in the end the Heier Ducks snatched the victory to win the game 10:9.

Finally able to relax after a tough game. The final scorecard

I would like to thank School of Dart for an evening of good dart and fun, they were a really nice bunch of guys who provided comedy, entertainment and good darts and it was a pleasure to play against them,  thank you for this game and we look forward to seeing you again in the return game.